How I See My Baby As A Unique Orchid ~ The Halfway Mark Of Our Pregnancy

“Roses are beautiful. They are very special, but they have thorns. Roses are also very common. I see them everywhere….Orchids are also beautiful, but they are more welcoming because they don’t have thorns. They can be more fragile than roses, but I don’t see orchids as often. That makes them more special to me. I think our baby is an orchid.” -my Granny ❤

This week has been FANTASTIC.

It was Baby Girl who really “kicked” things off Sunday night. I have been feeling her move ever since! It is hands down the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. (With shaking Jimmy Fallon’s hand being a close second). I needed this. I needed to feel close and connected with her. My heart has been through the wringer lately and I was desperately wanting those precious little reminders of my baby.

Next thing I know, its Monday morning and we’re going in for our ultrasound. Nowadays, I get super nervous on the way to our appointments. I had a sick feeling in my stomach all the way to the hospital. I’ve learned to prepare myself for anything we might hear. Luckily, we received GOOD news! With Down syndrome, there is a wide range of markers/characteristics that they look for. The doctor only saw one, which was enlarged ventricles in her brain. The enlargement was barely out of range and it will have no effect on Baby Girl. Other than that, you wouldn’t even know that she has Down syndrome! Her heartbeat was 142, which is perfect, and everything is in place and is developing correctly. All four chambers of her heart were where they needed to be as well as her other organs. Another “soft marker” they looked for was in her fingers. We learned that lots of times, children with DS are born with only two bones in their pinky finger, so their pinkies are shorter than normal. We felt a huge wave of relief when we saw all three bones in each finger and I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. It’s the little things 🙂

Our next step is to visit Children’s Mercy Hospital. We will get acquainted with part of the team that is responsible for Baby Girl’s health (mainly the cardiologist). At the same time, we’ll have an echocardiogram performed on her heart. This is basically a very detailed ultrasound. Now that we’ve passed the milestone for the major issues, this is when we’ll look for any smaller issues that she may have, like a hole in her heart. We can’t do this now because she’s still so tiny at 19 weeks. Jacob said it best… There is nothing majorly wrong. Anything from here on out will be FIXABLE. We can definitely breathe easier now.

The welcome basket from the DSG.
We also met with the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City. We were so impressed! We were welcomed with a huge basket full of information and necessities. There were packets for our families, books for us, diapers, wipes, a blanket, among other surprises! The atmosphere was relaxed and I feel like we learned a lot about what to expect from the organization. It felt nice to be around someone who didn’t feel weird about saying the words “Down syndrome”. It is still an adjustment for us. We were given great advice and were encouraged to become very involved, which is what we plan to do. We will be attending their new parent breakfast next month and are hoping to meet other prenatally diagnosed couples. Right now, they have 9 new couples that are still expecting and 8 of them are having boys. We are the only girl so far! They better watch out for our little heart breaker!

This Friday will be our halfway mark. 20 weeks! I can hardly believe it. When I got my positive pregnancy test, I was only 4.5 weeks along. Now here I am, almost halfway through, using the “hairband trick” on my jeans and feeling my little girl pound away at my lower belly as I write this. This girl has already drastically changed my life. I can only imagine how much changing I left to do.


3 thoughts on “How I See My Baby As A Unique Orchid ~ The Halfway Mark Of Our Pregnancy

  1. We did not get our diagnosis with my older daughter – who just turned 5! – until birth, so I cannot say I know how you feel at this time. In hindsight I’m kind of glad we did not know, because I imagine the grieving process is much more prolonged when you don’t yet have that beautiful baby in your arms. We still went through it, but we could just look at her sleeping and know ‘there’s no way that can be a bad thing.’ But you have the benefit of learning about Ds and getting your resources lined up in advance, which we had to cram in. Glad you have connected with the DSG – that’s a great start! Don’t want to go on forever, but congratulations on your pregnancy! Things will be a little different than you originally expected, but still a full and rewarding parenting experience!


    1. There are definitely pros and cons to a prenatal diagnosis. Sometimes I wish we wouldn’t have found out, but then again I’m glad that we can prepare and educate ourselves. We were more eased into the idea instead of finding out all at once. It was probably better for me and my “type A” personality 🙂 Anyway, thanks for your kind words! We are very excited to continue this adventure!


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