6-Month Pregnancy Update ~ A Prenatal Diagnosis For Down Syndrome 

We’ve officially made it {{SIX}} whole months! Everyday is something new.

New aches and pains.

New questions and concerns.

New worries and comforts.

New baby kicks and flutters.

Most of all, every day brings me new appreciation for life and my little family.IMG_5676

At six months, Baby Girl is strong and active. Right now she loves to show Dad how hard she can kick, especially after I eat something tasty… or when I’m trying to get some rest at night. She seems to really enjoy yoga and warm baths as well. Like mother, like daughter 🙂 Approximately 112 days until we get to hold her in our arms and it’s all gone so quickly. I just know that the last few months of my pregnancy are going to fly by too.

I am very excited for the next few days. First off, Sunday is Mother’s Day! There are some truly incredible mothers in my life and I am grateful for each and every one of them. They love, protect, hold together, and lift up their families. I look up to these women and aspire to do the same for my family. Some of these women have held my hand since I was small, some have recently come into my life, and some of them are friends that have always had my back. Mother’s Day has always given me the chance to reflect on these relationships and show how thankful I am. In my eyes, this was the whole purpose of this holiday. However, this year is extra special for me because it is my first “unofficial” Mother’s Day. I see now that this day is also about loving motherhood. I feel proud. I feel truly honored to be this little girl’s momma, even if she hasn’t arrived yet (and even if it doesn’t quite seem real.) That seems the perfect reason to celebrate.

Also coming up is Baby Girl’s big cardiology appointment. She is having a fetal echocardiogram performed on Monday and we will hopefully have some good news to share afterwards. An echo is basically a very detailed ultrasound of the heart. We waited until 24 weeks so her heart would be nice and big, making it easier for the doctors to see everything. From what I understand, this will reveal any holes or other defects that she may have. Babies with Down syndrome are at risk for many medical complications and heart defects are not uncommon. As with anything in life, nothing is certain and the results may vary. I’ve heard that some holes are small enough to close up on their own. Others require surgery. There is also the chance that her heart is perfectly fine and we don’t have a single thing to worry about.  In any case, please keep us in your thoughts. We have been very fortunate to make it this far without running into any major issues.

Though this appointment may seem very nerve-wracking, we are also ready for it. I am excited to have some answers. Whether they are the ones we want to hear or not, this is the information we need to start formulating a plan. I am the kind of person who needs a strategy before taking something head on. If we look at her heart and there is something that requires special attention, then this is the best way to emotionally and financially prepare ourselves.

Next week also brings another checkup with our regular OB. By this time next week, we will be catapulted towards the third trimester, armed with lots of information and very possibly, even more questions. We appreciate all of the support that we continue to receive. This little girl is already making such a difference ❤


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