Mama Bird ~ Closing The Chapter On The 2nd Trimester

“Nesting during pregnancy is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby.”

Nesting. It’s kind of my thing. I come by it naturally and it pairs nicely with my anxiety ridden, high stress personality. I’ve read that a lot of women will start to “nest” a couple a weeks before baby arrives. I’ve been doing this since Day 1. My problem is that I never seem done. It’s never so perfect that I can stop tweaking and let it be. My other problem is that I enjoy it too much. What a great feeling to look at a beautifully organized linen closet! Hah! I know, I should probably be embarrassed because it’s pretty lame, but my favorite feeling is when I get in bed at night and know that I’ve had a productive day. It makes me happy.

We’ve recently made some big decisions for our little family regarding our home and it makes things a lot simpler. However, instead of relieving stress, it sent me into a whirlwind of       cleaning      purging      organizing      redecorating. I have big dreams, high hopes, and a very limited budget so we’ll see how it all turns out. Out of everything, I am most excited to start on Baby Girl’s nursery. We don’t have a lot of the big stuff yet, but the little stuff has been slowly creeping and growing up the corners of the room. Time for some fresh paint and rearranging! I can’t wait to see it all put together. It’s her first home ❤

Next week, we’ll hit the third trimester full force. Between all of the doctor’s appointments and the baby showers, I feel like time is going to zip past me and she is going to be here in the blink of an eye. It’s bittersweet because I am enjoying pregnancy (for the most part), but I am so excited to finally meet her! More than that, I can’t wait to see Jacob’s face when he holds her for the first time. I’ve said it before and I won’t stop saying it, he is going to be the BEST, most overprotective, deeply loving, hilariously entertaining, and self confident father that you could imagine.

I just can’t understand how I got so lucky. The opportunities in my life are incredible. First off, I marry an amazing guy who will actually put up with me. Then I get the privilege of being a mother. I have the best kind of people in my life who care about our little family and do things like read my ramblings online and actually encourage me to continue.

I also get the chance to transfer positions at my workplace. My new position will accommodate my ‘busy-beyond-words’ lifestyle that will be blooming this summer. Not only will I be home more to raise Baby Girl, I will have the chance to be extremely involved in her therapies and treatments, and be home with her while she recovers from her surgery and/or anything else that might pop up.

On top of that, we live in the most convenient place to have a child with Down syndrome. There are countless resources right in our backyard. The Down Syndrome Guild of KC and Children’s Mercy Hospital are two that you just can’t beat and we’re within a half hour of both! And on top of THAT, Baby Girl will grow up in a society that is more accepting than it was five years ago, let alone 50! I truly believe that it will only get more welcoming as we continue to advocate DS and educate people on what it really means.

Seriously, how did this all fall into place?! What a life I am living! I am grateful for every minute of it. My girl will learn “don’t change for the world, make the world change for you.” I am hoping that her life will be better than I can imagine. Maybe she’ll  be even luckier than me 🙂




2 thoughts on “Mama Bird ~ Closing The Chapter On The 2nd Trimester

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I cannot begin to describe the feelings I have reading this beautiful blog post. Some days I think of how my experience would have changed if I had known I was about to become a mother to a child with DS.
    Here is one mother’s story.

    Thank you Mama Bird! Your gratitude, grace and love are inspiration and beauty at its finest.


  2. You inspire me beyond measure.
    And let me tell you having a DS daughter is the most precious gift in the world. Nothing compares to this beautiful journey. Nothing.



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