Entering The 3rd Trimester ~ A Prenatal Diagnosis For Down Syndrome

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is getting to see how Baby Girl is growing and developing.

Week by week, I check to see what fruit or vegetable she is compared to and I read about how she is currently changing in my belly. (As of today, she is an eggplant 🍆) Just like a little veggie, she is sprouting so quickly! I feel like each week, my belly grows exponentially bigger and I am constantly reminded of how incredible a woman’s body is! Today kicks off the third trimester for us and I know that my body will be tested even more. Bring it on!

Nothing compares to seeing her on a sonogram though. It’s a whole new world when they pull her up on screen and I can see her stretching her tiny fingers and kicking her little legs. Seeing her makes her more real to me. I still find it hard to believe I have a little person inside of me that I’m protecting. What an honor. Sonograms also bring me peace of mind. When I can see her dancing around in there and when I hear that her development is right on track, I breathe easier, knowing that everything is going to be okay.

This week, the sonogram tech said something at our appointment that really touched my heart. During the ultrasound, we were talking about Baby Girl’s heart condition and she mentioned that her little sister has Down syndrome. Her sister also went through heart surgery and is now 23 years old, happy, healthy, and is one of her favorite people in the world.

She said, “You are so lucky to have someone with Down syndrome in your life. You will never look at things the same way again.” 

She told me stories of going through nursing school, learning about Down syndrome, and then coming home to study her sister. She said she’d walk in the door after class and say “Let me see your hands!” She also said that growing up, she was jealous of her sister because her sister never seems to have a care in the world. She is able to put aside all of the little stresses and enjoy what is right in front of her. We talked about what a big difference one little chromosome can make and maybe instead of them having an extra one, we are the ones who are lacking ❤

After the ultrasound, the Perinatologist came in and we chatted about where Baby Girl is at. Right now, she is about 2.2 lbs, in the 36th percentile (totally fine and normal), and is measuring three days before her due date. She had a heart rate of 127 at the beginning of the appointment. This scared me because she’s usually around 140 bpm. Turns out she was just taking a nap and by the time she woke up, her heart rate was up to a normal 139 bpm. Poor thing, there’s nothing like waking up to someone poking and prodding you!

My favorite bit of news, though, is that she has hair! This really fuels my obsession for headbands and hair bows. The tech mentioned that we should expect a head full if we’re already seeing so much at 27 weeks! Now the question remains…will she be rockin’ blonde or brunette locks?!

Showing off her cute button nose on the left & on the right is the hair on the back of her head!
When she’s not resting, she still likes to stay very active. She likes to move around and push out my belly. Jacob and I have really enjoyed watching my belly change shape. He laughs, “What the heck is she doing in there?!” She’s graduated from river dancing (as Jacob suggested) and has moved onto hula hooping (as I like to say). Pretty soon we should be able to distinguish her hands and feet from the outside! We are just so blessed and excited to meet our little hairball. Can life get any better?


2 thoughts on “Entering The 3rd Trimester ~ A Prenatal Diagnosis For Down Syndrome

  1. Great meeting you at the DSG team captain meeting yesterday. I had to look you up, after Amy mention your celebrity status. I am 100% sure our path will cross many more times as our kids train us how to do this parenting thing. I look for to having you on the journey!

    M.A.C.’s Mom


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