New Way to Walk

I’ve never been a graceful person. I’m not one to “glide across the floor.” As a matter of fact, I used to call it plain old “walking”, but at 30 weeks into my pregnancy, I’ve officially started to waddle.

I first noticed it Monday morning when I was walking to our doctor appointment. We had to trek through Children’s Mercy Hospital and I realized how much trouble I was having navigating my body. I look down and sure enough, my belly is wobbling from side to side!

“I’m waddling! How long has this been going on?!” …I had to giggle to myself.

The sad part is that I still have 10 weeks until my due date. Lots of time to be imitating a penguin between now and then.

Alongside this revelation came many aches and pains. I have completely forgotten what it feels like to be comfortable. Getting to sleep is difficult and getting to the gym is even harder. My stomach hurts when I sit and my back hurts when I stand. It’s your basic lose-lose-lose situation. Believe or not, I try very hard not to complain. (Yes, Jacob, believe it.) After all, all of this anguish will bring me the greatest gift I have ever been given. Maybe Baby Girl will come across this blog one day and I want her to read about how LOVED and anticipated she is, not about how miserable pregnancy can be.

Speaking of anticipation, I know someone who is already making the greatest Auntie <3! My sister-in-law threw us a Lemonade themed couples baby shower last weekend. The decor was so beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely loved spending time with my friends while everyone kicked back and enjoyed burgers and beer. These are the people I think of when I hear the saying “Friends are the Family we Choose.” I recognize that they didn’t have to celebrate our family and brings us stuff to help us start out. I am continuously counting my blessings.

As far as Baby Girl goes, she is still strong and healthy. She is slowly running out of room in my belly and tends to kick back when pushed on 🙂 We’ve got a feisty one on our hands! We had another echo done on Monday and found out that her heart defect is still very mild. In fact, we might even make it until 2-3 years of age before she needs surgery!


Not only did we see the cardiologist that morning, we also had consultations with Children’s Mercy’s neonatologist, genetic counselor, nurse coordinator, and financial advisor. It was a very busy day, but it was also a very uplifting day and I couldn’t stop smiling for the remainder of it.

On top of all the happiness, we got our maternity pictures back! I am head over heels in love with my little family…

If you haven’t checked out  Lauren Konrad‘s work, then you’re missing out. I am so blown away by this woman’s talent. Her and her husband just might be the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m not even exaggerating. After the shoot (which was 30 minutes after meeting them), I wanted to say “Sooo, let’s be friends. Let’s hang out. Let’s go to dinner. What are you doing this weekend?” 😀

The shoot was fun and relaxed. Lauren chose the perfect spot for us and gave us just enough direction that we didn’t look awkward on camera (and we tend to). The weather was beautiful, the lighting was even better, and the result was some truly great pictures that we’ll forever treasure ❤

(Shout out to Aunt Lisa for making me the GORGEOUS  flower crown!)

My attitude through this whole journey has gone through many dips, twists and turns. I see myself evolving every day. My thoughts on Down syndrome and welcoming it into my heart and life have never been more positive. Bring it on, DS!I can’t wait to meet my little girl!

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