When I was told that our daughter had a high chance of having Down syndrome, I immediately called my sister-in-law. We wept together and with tears in our eyes, we agreed that if she did have Trisomy21, we were going to banish any sort of negativity or disappointment. Instead, we were going to dive in head first! If she had Down syndrome, we would focus on being passionateWe agreed to do walks and fundraisers and to love her just the same.

Happy & Passionate!

Ever since we got our diagnosis, this is how life has been.

The whole family feels this way and now we have our first chance to get others involved!

We are very excited to start a team for #BabyLemonade as we participate in First Downs for Down Syndrome‘s annual fundraising walk! This event not only raises money for new families joining the Down Syndrome Guild of KC, but it also raises awareness and promotes acceptance for Down syndrome!  Please join us! 

Here are the details: 


WHERE -KANSAS SPEEDWAY :: 400 Speedway Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66111


  • 11:00-1:00 Registration
  • 11:00-3:00 Festivities & Happy Faces
  • 11:00-1:00 Food
  • 12:00-12:30 B.E.S.T. Network Performance
  • 1:30 Kids Dash (5 and under)
  • 1:40 Color Guard / National Anthem
  • 1:45 Walk Begins
  • 3:00 Walk & Festivities End

You have two options:



Follow the link above & choose “Join Our Team”

Registration is $25.00 for adults (13+) and $15.00 for children (ages 3-12). Infants & children under 2 are free, but the walk shirt is not included.

Otherwise, your fee includes our Team Lemonade shirt (which I will distribute), food and drinks, entertainment for all ages – including a rock wall, bungee pods, pony rides, moon walks and other inflatables, carnival games, dancing, and much more!


 Follow the link above & choose “Make a Donation”

You can donate in any increment. This is a great way to be involved if you cannot make it to the walk! All money raised goes to the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City. Proceeds fund programs and services to benefit people with Down syndrome and their families. Their website:

I cannot believe how much Jacob & I have learned about Down syndrome since we started this journey. The amount of love, support, and encouragement that we’ve received brings tears to my eyes. I can honestly say that my daughter having Down syndrome has already changed me for the better. This sense of community I have been feeling is so powerful that I can’t wait to spread the love. Please join us in this walk and help to promote acceptance.

3 thoughts on “Step Up! – TEAM LEMONADE

  1. I will be working October 1st, but I will be glad to donate to the cause. Proud of you and Jacob for raising awareness and promoting acceptance for Down Syndrome. God bless your family.


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