My First Tattoo ~ The Pride In A C-Section Scar

I’ve always played around with the idea of getting a tattoo, but if you know me, you know that I’m big on symbolism and branding my body was going to take a lot of convincing. Like most, I would want my tattoo to have meaning and depth. I would want it to be unique, like it was meant for me. Every so often, I’d think that I had found a design that was suitable, but I was always hesitant to move forward with it. As we go through different phases of life our priorities change. Our hobbies and interests change. I wanted something that I would be consistently proud of for the rest of my life.fullsizerender

When I gave birth to my daughter, my world was changed forever. There is no going back and there is nothing that will ever be the same. Even the simplest things, like meeting a friend for coffee, is different because she is all I can think or talk about. Kara is the greatest gift I have ever been given. She is all my pride and all my happiness wrapped up into one beautiful little bundle. She will always be my priority.

It’s almost like I finally got my first tattoo. I stumbled into it on August 9, 2016. It sits about five inches below my belly button and stretches about four and half inches wide. It is imprinted in my body, not by ink, but cut deep into my tissue. The scar from my c-section is a trophy and I hope it never fades.

It represents so many things for me. It reminds me of what my body is capable of. I carried something unbelievably precious for 37 weeks and kept her safe & healthy. When the time came, I was willing to welcome her anyway I needed, whether it was a more natural way or enduring this unexpected surgery.

It makes me proud to be a woman. When I see my scar, I don’t think of the fear or pain that was associated with acquiring it. I don’t think of my image or what my body used to look like. I think of my baby. I worked hard to earn this scar and I wear it proudly.

Any woman struggling with their appearance during or after child birth should change their perspective. A woman’s body is amazingly strong and does incredible things. Having a baby is an honor that a lot of women would kill to experience and I will never forget how lucky I am. I embrace this scar and these stretch marks as a tattoo that I will never regret ❤️


2 thoughts on “My First Tattoo ~ The Pride In A C-Section Scar

  1. amby great blog,i understand completety what you’re saying,i don’t have a c section scar but i do consider my many stretch marks as my tattoo,to have brought a life into the world and to nourish that life is something to be very proud of,always been proud of you, still am


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