Cute Aggression

One evening I was looking at my baby sleep on the living room floor. I had been watching her for about half an hour. She had been kicking and punching and cooing until it slowly died down and her eyes got heavy. Her arms fell to her sides and her breaths became slow and steady. I got down next to her so I could revel in the moment. She was so beautiful.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I wanted to pick her up so badly and cuddle her. I wanted to put my hand on her head and feel her soft hair. It was almost unbearable. I felt so much love that I was resisting the urge to pick up her little hands and bite her fingers off. Seriously.

You all say it:

“I could eat you up, I love you so!”

“You’re so cute, I can’t stand it!”

“I’m so happy, I could die!”

I felt this overwhelming sensation and felt like a lunatic. So, obviously, I turned to Google for reassurance. Apparently this is a real thing and its called Cute Aggression. Its our brain’s way of handling strong emotion. It is a way of balancing out a positive thought with a very negative one. This makes it easier for us to process those strong emotions and it actually makes a lot of sense. Its the same reason we laugh when we’re nervous and cry when we’re happy. Here’s a quote I pulled from

“It’s similar to findings about inappropriately timed smiling; research has shown that people who spontaneously grinned when watching the saddest scene of a tearjerker film returned more quickly to a healthy cardiovascular state than those who’d simply cried. You can only take so much cute. ”

Its true. It is possible for something to be TOO adorable. I don’t know how many times I’ve used the phrase “I can’t handle the cuteness.” I was not exaggerating!

From what I gather, the difference between experiencing cute aggression and being an actual psychopath is whether or not you follow through. As much as I wanted to, I would never bite the fingers off of my baby 🙂

Kara makes me feel so many   o v e r w h e l m i n g l y   positive emotions that I could chew her up into tiny bits. And I’m not crazy.

Carry on.

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