My {5} Month Old with Down Syndrome 

Kara turned 5 months old this week. It’s all happening so fast that I feel like I must be losing track! I think, “Is that right?!”….and then I count the months on my fingers.

This girl amazes me literally    every    single    day. I am amazed at what she can do. How much she has grown. Her influence on me. The way she melts her daddy into a shameless puddle of mushy baby talk.

Kara is currently 12 lbs & 4 oz, measuring 22.25 in long.

However, its her personality that’s off the charts! For example, there are times when she loves to be held. She will melt into your arms and cuddle her tiny nose into your chest. Then are times where she’ll kick and push and thrash her head back & forth until you set her down. It seems that she knows what she wants and she doesn’t stop until she gets it. I don’t think this will ever change so we are in for it! LOOK OUT WORLD.

She is a riot. This girl practically oozes spunk. Though she’s better about it, she still won’t sit in a wet diaper. She is strong enough to hold up her head for long periods of time. She thinks the “Mm” sound and [pig snorts] are hilarious. She loves books and has started to coo a bit when a book is put in front of her. She has started to notice the dogs moving around her and knows when we walk away. Oh, and you better have music playing when she’s around. She doesn’t tolerate silence.

My favorite moments of this past month:

We discovered some major tickle spots! She will crack up when we tickle her under her pudgy cheeks or between her shoulder blades. She also loves when Jacob kisses her under her (((many))) chins. Her laugh is indescribably adorable. I have never heard such a pure form of JOY!

The other day, without ever seeing the movie, she pretended as though she was presenting Simba to the world and held her arms above her head. She would hold this position and stare at her hands in wonderment. She did this   all.   day.   long.  Just one day though. Then she moved onto something that was apparently more interesting.

Jacob and I have started to incorporate sign language into our daily routines. There’s no telling if she’s paying the slightest bit of attention and it might take a few months for her to start catching on, but regardless, we are practicing so that when she’s ready, we will be too.

Looking back at the previous months, I realize its a miracle that we even survived. As  b r a n d  n e w  parents, she really gave us a run for our money. She was colicky . She hated her car seat. We had countless issues breastfeeding, blew through a box of diapers every other day, and had back-to-back doctor and therapy appointments that seemed never ending. It was hard to catch our breath. Even though I was still enjoying motherhood, I wish I would have known how much easier she was going to get in just a few short months. She is now much more independent and so much fun. What does she have in store for me in the months ahead? I am going to love finding out one day at a time.

“Our hearts beat so unruly

Because we love you truly

Honest Truly, we do”

* Side note -If you can identify where the post title comes from, off the top of your head- I am yours forever.

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