My {7} Month Old with Down Syndrome 

Kara is officially 7 months old and I am open to any ideas on how to stop time…


When I think back to this last month, I notice so many changes, so many milestones passed, and so many goals met.

My baby girl is now 14 lbs and approximately 24 in long.

First of all, girlfriend loves to EAT. She’s tried: avocado, sweet potato, carrots, squash, and peaches. She will tolerate sweet peas, but she will spit out plums in disgust.

$RI3NLOSShe has been pulling her legs up and playing with her feet, which is probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. One of my most favorite things is when she does this during a diaper change. Every time I change her diaper, she pulls her legs up and uses them to lock my arm into place. It makes it very difficult to do my job, but it is such an irresistible moment because she thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world! Of course, her giggle makes me giggle…which makes her giggle more and in turn, I giggle more…and the next thing I know it’s taking me 10 minutes to change one diaper 🙂

Not only is she really nailing these gross motor skills, she’s working hard on her fine motor skills as well. Out of the blue, she began to scratch her tiny little nails over anything and everything. I have to trim her nails almost every day now or else find little marks over my face and body!

She is also TEETHING. (Oh man, is she teething)… and very clingy with her mama, which is only sometimes cute. I would like to point out that alongside her clawing, growling and drooling, add in the parts where she loves nothing more than to try eat my hands & face and my precious baby has many similarities to a full blown zombie.

For as much change as I see, I also see many constants. She is really developing into her own little person and I love every bit about her. Even the attitude.

This girl, I swear, will give me trouble until the day I die. She reels you in with her sweet as pie smile and makes you fall in love with her giddy laugh. If that doesn’t seal the deal, then her big, blue eyes will get you every time. She can be the best baby there ever was. She will kick and play independently. She will lay on her play mat and watch Lady Gaga music videos for an hour while I clean the entire house (true story).

It’s when I {NEED} her to be good is when the inner beast is revealed. This is usually when we’re out in public or when we have visitors over that want to peek at our “angel.”

I’m left thinking Is There A Full Moon Tonight?

On the plus side, we know that she’s very very strong. There is nothing like a good lung workout… To quote one of her therapists, “I like a baby with a temper, it means that no one will ever take advantage of her.”

I feel like her sass and her determination go hand-in-hand. There are days where we work on her physical therapy and she just flops. She won’t do it if she doesn’t want to and there’s no coaxing her. Then there are days where I can’t get her to lay down!

She is always a step ahead of herself. Before she could hold her head up, she was trying to sit on her own. Now that she can hold her head up, she decided to skip sitting and refuse to roll over, instead she would prefer to go straight to standing! I love this about her. I love her go get ’em attitude & her motivation. Assisted standing is her new favorite thing to do. I will pull her sitting position and let her push herself up on her feet. She is SO proud of herself and shows it by smiling with her whole face 🙂

Not only does this build her leg muscles (you know, the ones under her pudge rolls), but we think it’s helping with her hips. People with Down syndrome usually have lower muscle tone so when Kara lays on her back, her legs will sort of “frog” out to the sides.


The problem is that too much “frogging” is a possible cause of hip dysplasia. To try to avoid this, we have been putting her in hip helpers twice a day (I call them her baby spanx because they are just really tight fitting shorts that help to keep her hips in check.) While this is a helpful method, we think that it’s her assisted standing that is catapulting her towards the right positioning. We have noticed a very significant improvement!

This little girl has such a presence that its hard to believe that there was life before her. She makes me excited to get up in the morning and wears me out so much that I’m equally excited to get in bed at night. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way 

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