My {17} Month Old with Down Sydrome

Every time I turn around, we’re celebrating another month with our sweetheart! SEVENTEEN months feels like both a lifetime & a millisecond in the world of motherhood.

My 17 Month Old with Down syndrome

Girlfriend weights 18.2 Lbs, measures 28.5 Ins. & has 10 teeth.  

I expected motherhood to be tough…

                                                        and beautiful…

                                                                      and sweet…

                                                                                   and exhausting…

                                                                                                     and disgusting…

                                                                                                                       and rewarding…

but I NEVER expected it to be this much FUN!

Kara is my sole entertainment most days. She makes me laugh every single day & always keeps me on my toes!

My 17 Month Old with Down syndrome

She has SUCH a sense of humor – she will act like she’s handing me something as I’m saying (very sweetly) “Give to mama” with my palms pointed upwards… until she jerks it away at the last second. Then she giggle-giggle-giggles herself into breathlessness.

She also thinks its the funniest thing to stick her toes in my face when I’m changing her diaper!

We’re still working on crawling, but she’s starting to get the hang of taking steps when we hold her hands to help her stand. I wouldn’t be surprised if she skips crawling altogether (in that case we have to make up the skills that she’s normally learn through crawling).

If you’re thinking “Aw, poor girl, almost a year & half and still not crawling…” 


Just because she isn’t hitting one milestone doesn’t mean she isn’t hitting others.

Besides, low tone or not, there needs to be motivation and I’m telling you, Kara deliberately makes the decision not to crawl. Her motto? Work smarter – not harder. “Why would I travel all the way across the room for a silly toy when this sock on my foot is perfectly fine entertainment?”

She really is like any other kid.

My 17 Month Old with Down syndrome

Her ability to learn sign language continues to amaze. Her newest signs are “sock” “big” “stop” “help” “baby” and “go”

Her favorites are “up/down” “shoe” and “fish” and will sign two & three word sentences without prompting – meaning I don’t ask her say “more eat please” she knows what it means and when to use it.My 17 Month Old with Down syndrome


She can find her toes, belly and ears (which is old news), but she can also find her teeth, hair, and knees! She sticks out her tiny little pointer finger when she shows us 🙂

That pointer finger is her best friend. Everything she does is done with that dainty digit.


I recently started playing a game with her. If she’s whining from across the room, I’ll yell “HEY YOU!” and point right at her. She thinks it’s hilarious and will point right back with a huge grin on her face!

She likes to put hats, bows, tiaras, books, pants, balls, remotes, anything really on her head, but hates to keep a bib around her neck. Those she will tug & tug until the Velcro comes undone!

Speaking of dinnertime…we’ve made a complete 180 on food. Kara was the BEST eater you could imagine…until recently. Now she’s only interested in prunes, bananas, spaghetti noodles, and black beans. Everything else ends up on the floor or hidden in the cup holder on her tray.


Its hard to be frustrated with her though – we’re also hearing more & more vocalizations out of her & its amazing! She says Mama and Dada (her first actual words!) and makes lots of sounds. The vocalizations are especially exciting when she’s on her tummy or hands & knees because its strengthening her diaphragm that much more!

In other (also very exciting) news… Call me crazy, but we’ve started the potty-training process! So what if she’s not mobile yet? So what if kids with DS have developmental delays?

She communicates SO.WELL. It can’t hurt to familiarize her with the potty and it’s function. She’s already caught onto the signs to use & will use them when prompted. I take her in to sit on her seat a couple times a day and we practice signing, flushing, and washing our hands.

So maybe I’ll have a potty-trained two year old? Maybe we’ll still be working on it when she’s five. Doesn’t matter – we take it one day at a time over here & are proud of our baby girl no matter what!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from raising Kara, it’s to never doubt her. She’s unstoppable (though very stubborn) & she isn’t going to thrive if I don’t believe that she can.



5 thoughts on “My {17} Month Old with Down Sydrome

  1. I love hearing about Kara! She has inspired me to be more proactive about signing with my daughter (she’s 21 months), and we’re up to 5 signs! So thank you for creating this blog; I look forward to reading it!

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