{Guest Post} Just Like My Other Kids

I am so very excited to be sharing my platform today. Life has me spinning in circles lately so I asked my friend, Nicole, if she'd like to help me out and write a piece for Baby Lemonade Blog! Nicole and I were connected through our daughters, who both have Down syndrome. I get to see them once a week in our group therapy class and she has a way of speaking that encourages and inspires. For these reasons, I am so glad that she accepted my offer. Please join me in welcoming her, you will love what she has to say!

My Unapologetic Apology

I want to teach you. I want you to see that my daughter is meant for amazing things. I desperately want you to understand how hard she is working to do the same things that you and I take for granted. I share because I want YOU to share. I want to see the world change its perception of Down syndrome. I want the world become even the tiniest bit more accepting than it is today & I want you to be a part of it.