A Love Like This

I have never felt like this. There are no words to describe it. I have never been so fiercely protective or so pathetically vulnerable. My love for her literally brings me to tears. (Although this is probably partly due to my hormones currently raging out of control.) I got to see her face this week with … Continue reading A Love Like This



When I was told that our daughter had a high chance of having Down syndrome, I immediately called my sister-in-law. We wept together and with tears in our eyes, we agreed that if she did have Trisomy21, we were going to banish any sort of negativity or disappointment. Instead, we were going to dive in head first! If … Continue reading Step Up! – TEAM LEMONADE

A Doting Entourage

I am DESPERATELY missing the second trimester. The optimum trimester. The trimester that makes you forget the first and expect the best in the third. I loved it. I had energy, I had appetite, aches and pains would come, but then they'd go. Now I'm seeing that all slip away. I haven't quite reached the point where … Continue reading A Doting Entourage

Entering The 3rd Trimester ~ A Prenatal Diagnosis For Down Syndrome

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is getting to see how Baby Girl is growing and developing. Week by week, I check to see what fruit or vegetable she is compared to and I read about how she is currently changing in my belly. (As of today, she is an eggplant 🍆) Just like … Continue reading Entering The 3rd Trimester ~ A Prenatal Diagnosis For Down Syndrome