My {2} Month Old with Down Syndrome

It’s hard to believe that our baby is two months old. My little girl. It’s all still very surreal. I have a baby?! The love I feel for her is too strong for words and too deep to be explained. I feel like I’m living in a dream, I am just so happy. I am also very sleep deprived…that might be the main culprit.

When we found out that our baby girl had Down syndrome, I had no idea what it meant. I had no idea how much she would mean to me. I began researching like crazy and filled my head with statistics and expectations. Look at where we are now. Look at my beautifully perfect child! Two months old and THRIVING.

This porker takes a 4 ounce bottle in one sitting. She weighs 9 lbs and measures 21 inches. She holds her head high and steady as she checks out her surroundings. She’s a very alert baby and I love seeing her big, blue eyes exploring everything that moves.

Kara loves to be the center of attention (which is convenient because that’s where she always is). She also LOVES to dance around the living room until it’s time to cuddle. Then she snoozes anywhere from 3-5 hours at a time. She’s an absolute joy.

However, she hasn’t always been this joyful. Month two brought as many struggles as it did grins. Aside from schedule changes between Jacob and I’s jobs, most of our obstacles had to do with her tummy. Lots of babies have reflux and lots of them have tummy troubles. Our girl has both. One of her therapists thought that maybe her low muscle tone had something to do with her stomach pain. The muscles in her belly might not have been strong enough to digest and push everything through effectively. This may or may not be the case. Regardless, she seems to be doing MUCH better nowadays and its a huge relief.

There was one point where I realized that if she wasn’t sleeping or eating, she was crying. We felt so awful seeing her in misery. Many nights were spent walking her around the house. Bouncing. Swaying. Rocking. Patting. Always trying to find a good position for her. Anything to ease her pain. (On the bright side, I definitely gained some arm muscles during those looong periods of time!) I got so accustomed to all this fussing that I didn’t realize what it was like to have a happy baby. It was our normal. Then one day this week, she began eating more effectively, swallowing less air, burping more frequently, passing the gas through her system. I’ll admit, I was little freaked out the first time I was able to lay her on her play mat and let her kick and play for over an hour. Do you know how much you can get done in an hour?! What an incredible feeling. I finally felt like I had a happy baby!

Someone commented on my last post, “It takes two weeks to get used to a new routine…that’s nothing.” How true this is. There will always be something, but it will almost always pass. Kara is sprouting before my very eyes.

All of her therapists are super impressed with her development as well. They comment on her strength and her alertness. She’s making great strides towards her goals and I know she’s going to surpass them any day now! She’s so very popular and everyone who meets her falls in love. Nothing makes me more proud.

My lovely, chubby cheeked baby

We’ve made so much progress in just two short months. Soon enough I will be snuggling my 3 month old. I can’t stand to think past that point. Until then, I will continue to soak up every single second with my 2 month old. She fills my entire life with pride.

2 thoughts on “My {2} Month Old with Down Syndrome

  1. so happy she’s doing so well.i\m not at all surprised ,after all you are talking about the daughter of a mother who was doing a pretty good job of trying to talk sentences at 3 months old,so proud of you both,so looking forward to seeing her before long,much love, granny


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