My {9} Month Old with Down Syndrome 

Kara is {N I N E} {M O N T H S} {O L D} despite my selfish wishes.


This little cherub weighs a whopping 16.1 lbs and measures 25 inches long.

She has officially been outside of my body as long as she was inside. I was recently asked “Which nine months went by faster?” After putting some thought into it, I realize that watching her grow up and out of my arms is going by much faster than it did when she was in my belly.

There were days on either end that seemed to drag on forever… the mornings waking up with nausea and a killer migraine turned into nights holding a screaming, colicky baby and at the time I thought were neither going to end. However, when I was pregnant, all I wanted was to meet my baby girl and see what she looked like. The suspense made those last hours before her birth especially intense.

Now that she’s here safe & sound, each day seems to slip through my grasp faster than I ever thought possible. All I want is for her to stay tiny forever. Forever my baby. Forever able to curl up in my lap and breath her baby breaths on my neck.

Isn’t that every parent’s wish?

Jacob disagrees – he wants to get her heart surgery out of the way and THEN freeze time. I suppose I can understand that…

Not like it matters, this girl is meant for greater things!

Last month, I wrote about all the skills she was the verge of accomplishing. This month, we get to check some things off the list!

She is now…

✔️ Sitting on her own – Life is so much easier. Everything has changed…bath time, lunch time, play time, it’s all so much more fun!

✔️ R O L L I N G from her back to her tummy – Something that JUST recently started happening! Yay!

✔️ Using sign language – She’s understood some signs for awhile now, but now she’s signing back! Bring on the MILK!

✔️ Giving the BIGGEST and BEST kisses ever! – They are painfully adorable… literally. She clenches your cheeks and/or hair to bring your face closer to hers ❤

✔️ Doing MUCH better in public lately. – I feel like I can pass her off and have a social life again!

✔️ Forming strong opinions – Especially about food. I have found that she doesn’t care much for blueberries or plums, but we discovered that she’ll eat anything if its masked with  b a n a n a.

✔️ Throwing tantrums – (Insert eye roll here) She lets us know if she isn’t ready to get out of the bath… or if she doesn’t want to stop slopping her food everywhere… or if she wants that lock of hair you have on your head…

Her personality is so strong and I love every bit about it. Her PT says that she falls in the “observer” category (as opposed to the “movers”). This is why she is excelling at using fine-motor & cognitive skills, but is a little delayed with rolling, sitting, crawling, etc.

I will take whatever she gives me!

Whatever her successes. Whatever her struggles. I have no doubt that she will keep me on my toes & a smile on my face for as long as I live.


{L} is for the way you Look at me 

{O} is for the Only one I see 

{V} is Very very extraordinary 

{E} is Even more than anyone that you adore

The look she gives her dad 🙂
Afternoon walks are exhausting
Never a still moment with this girl
Grins for Auntie
That face melts me!

3 thoughts on “My {9} Month Old with Down Syndrome 

  1. I just had to write to you, as I have been sneaking in time to read your blog today as I pretend to “work”. I stumbled upon your blog post on facebook and I have been completely engrossed in your story, as our story is so very similar. My daughter, Olivia Grace, was born August 4th of last year, 5 weeks early. And much like you received our diagnosis prenatally last March. I also had the same diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction and we were on close watch beginning at week 32. Luckily she stayed strong for another few weeks and I was induced at 35 weeks! She arrived weighing in at 4lbs 6oz and was in the NICU for 3 weeks. She is now 10 months and weighs in at a whopping 14 1/2 lbs!! lol
    Daily I stop for a moment and take stock of just how wonderful life is with a baby with Ds. Who knew last March that I could be so incredibly grateful for something that scared me to the core last year. It just goes to show how much you don’t know when you simply don’t know. Thank you for sharing your story. Your blog is just another reminder of how blessed we have been. Meeting so many wonderful parents and so many perfectly awesome kids who are rocking their extra chromosome like our sweet Olivia is just one of the many blessings we have received. Kara is beautiful!! You are extremely blessed. Thank you for allowing us a peek into your life and for sharing your connection. Beyond grateful – even though my workday has been more of a “read” day!
    From another Rockin’ Mama!


    1. I love that you reached out ♥️ Your words are so true! I never knew that there was happiness like this and just because our daughters are a little different, it doesn’t change a Mothers love. Congrats on your sweet Olivia! They are only five days apart!


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