My {10} Month Old with Down Sydrome

Kara is TEN months old! How did this sneak up on me?!

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I’m at the point where I’ve started to count down from 12 months instead of up from one. At this point, I consider her two months from being one year old more than it being 10 months since the day she was born.

Our little sassypants is 16.6 lbs, 25 inches & has one tooth!

Month 10 was probably one of the busiest we’ve had as far as development goes.

ROLLING » She’s been rolling from back to tummy for a little while now. This month, she decided it was time to roll from her tummy to her back, but will only do it as a last resort.

HOLDING HER BOTTLE » Within the last week we’ve pushed her to hold her own bottle and she’s doing great! Especially since the bottle is half the size of her body!

ROCKING » Her favorite thing to do right now is to rock back and forth on her bottom – preferably bouncing off of something like the back of the couch or even my collar bone when she’s sitting in my lap (just one of the ways she’s painfully adorable).

DANCING » Turn on some tunes and she starts with that new rocking ability accompanied by a great smile. Applaud her and she’ll throw her arms in the air! Whoop, whoop!

PUSHING » She loves to push. Spoonful of yummy food? Push it away. Mom putting a hairband on? Push it away. Favorite toy was set in front of you? Push it away. Dad coming in for a kiss? Push it away.

WAVING » This girl is now a waving machine. She waves at anything & everything and it just might melt your heart into a puddle. I’ve caught her countless times, desperately bent over, basically falling out of her high chair to wave at the dogs. It makes me want to say “Buckaroo! Don’t be rude! Just look at her and wave back!”

TEETHING » As mentioned above, Kara has her first tooth! And I have good reason to believe that she’s currently trying to surface another one!

No matter where we go or what we do, she is always making someone smile.IMG_8290

The best way to hear her giggle is to entertain her adrenaline junkie nature. She looooves to be tossed in the air // to jump around // to feel her stomach drop // to hang upside down. She’s basically a tiny version of Johnny Knoxville. She does NOT get it from her mama!

Her personality is bold and spunky, but she also has the looks to go along with it. She is the prettiest little thing. Her wild mohawk is starting to lay down, her beautiful blue eyes are big and expressive; her round nose is perfectly petite and her soft little lips will make you fall in love if you haven’t already. No wonder she has such a big fan club 😉

Everyday is a new adventure with this one.

If you ask Kara, summer is officially here. Bring on the shades and suits! We’ve been celebrating with lots of walks, parties, pool time, friends, and sleeveless outfits. Since we have less therapy due to summer breaks and holidays, I’ve decided to come up with a KC summer bucket list for us & can’t wait to make some more memories!

I’m excited to get out and about with my little one. I can’t seem to get much done around the house anyway. It’s hard to take my eyes off of her because she is always doing something new & adorable.

She certainly casts a spell over anyone who gets the chance to meet her. My cheeks are in a constant state of fatigue from smiling so much.

FullSizeRender 1
Getting ready to see Aunt Emmy graduate high school
FullSizeRender 4
Experiencing nature
FullSizeRender 5
Pretty in pink & polka dots
FullSizeRender 3
Memorial Day weekend
Those irresistible baby blues…
One of my new favorite picture of my beautiful baby girl


2 thoughts on “My {10} Month Old with Down Sydrome

  1. Teeth always come in two’s! So, yes, another one is coming soon! Time to start brushing those teeth! That will also help with the tongue thrusting.


  2. My daughter was 35 yrs. old when she was expecting her first child. She wanted to find out if her baby would have any physical problems at birth. She found out all was well. Her greatest concern was Down’s Syndrome which she had decided she wanted to be prepared for if that be the case. The thought of abortion never entered her mind. This baby girl is now 17 years old and would of been loved just as much if she had been a Downs baby! God Bless You and your baby girl! She is adorable!


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