{Cupcakes & Carousels} 1st Birthday Recap

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Birthday girl and her birthday cupcake
Singing “Happy Birthday” to Kara for the first time!
As I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my baby is 1 year old, I am so very grateful to everyone who wished Kara a happy birthday. I can promise you that she had a GREAT one!

She woke up on the morning of her birthday with another tooth cutting through the surface so she got a break from teething pain. Then she was cuddled all day long by Mom & Dad and even shared a special strawberry shortcake cupcake with us after we serenaded her.

That following Saturday was her party.

{Cupcakes & Carousels} 

(As in “Kara”sels, get it?)

In the past, Kara has been known to get easily overstimulated. I was a little nervous (okay, a lot nervous) about how she’d do with a large crowd staring at her, picking at her outfit, and wanting to squeeze & kiss her wonderful chubbiness. To my surprise – She did FABULOUS! Girlfriend was a tutu-wearing-trooper for over three hours!

We did an open-house style of party, served cupcakes & lemonade, and provided bubbles, balloons, and coloring pages for the kids. The result was a very   laid  back   and fun party for all. Especially for the birthday princess.


Enjoy swooning over the pictures like I did & if you’re interested, scroll to the bottom for links and decor details!

Birthday Party SetupIMG_8717


We hosted her party in Jacob & I’s hometown at the prettiest venue around – Magdalena’s Venue & Salon. This building was constructed as a church, but I remember it as a thrift store when I was in high school. Now, it’s been completely remodeled and stands out as a gorgeous small event & wedding venue.


The small kids enjoyed endless entertainment provided by a BRILLIANT investment: a bubble machine. We also scattered balloons and printed c.a.r.o.u.s.e.l coloring pages, word searches and mad libs that even got the adults involved!

Friends & family wrote Kara a {1st Birthday Wish} in her carousel themed notebook. It was my first purchase for her party. Zero regrets. My hope is to put in her keepsake chest so that she’ll be able to open it up later down the road & read the notes from so many that have loved her from the very beginning.

Anytime I have something important that needs to be written I make my SIL do it because her handwriting is beautiful. (See the welcome sign in the first picture.) She free handed Kara’s birthday window & I don’t think it could have turned out any better!


K a r a  E l i z a b e t h

I Love: Bath Time · Books · Funny Noises · Being Upside Down · Waving At My Dogs

I Can: Dance · Clap · Sign Three Words · Growl Like A Monster · Scoot ·  Drink From A Straw

Favorite Toys: Wooden Blocks · Maraca

Favorite Songs: Anything By Lady Gaga · Smile Like The Sun · Blue Eyes Crying

Favorite Foods: Sweet Potato · Scrambled Eggs · Veggie Straws

Favorite Book: On The Night You Were Born

Nicknames: Sweet Pea · Baby Lemonade  · Ladybug · Wee Baby Kara

I weigh 17.6 lbs – I am 27.5 in – I have 2 teeth



Kara's 1st Birthday Smash Cake

The cake was made by a friend of mine who always impresses. She was the only one I could find that would make Kara a sugar-free cake at an affordable price! The cake was beautifully crafted & complimented all of our outfits, which was convenient after Kara got to dig in.

For the guests we got 15 dozen cupcakes from the local supermarket in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. You read that right. 15 dozen. We provided cupcake to-go boxes as favors and didn’t have any leftover thanks to our sugar loving friends & family!

Not only were they delicious, but they were beautiful. I was especially proud of the mini carousels we staged 🙂

Carousel Cupcake Stand
Our adorable cupcake carousels

IMG_4944Birthday Girl seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself too!




Okay, so I’m normally pretty bad at dressing myself, let alone coordinate my little family, BUT I think I did pretty good this time around! Jacob looked VERY suave in his button up and I wore the dress that I wrote about last month. Though, I’d have to say that my f a v o r i t e  thing from the entire party (aside from the squishy baby underneath) was the birthday girl’s ensemble.

Family Picture


Big Grin From The Birthday Girl
Now your day is made.


No, she didn’t mind her tutu.

Yes, she kept her crown on the whole time.

Girl’s got the right mindset. If the crown fits, right? She knows where it belongs.

Kara’s very 1st birthday was a success, to say the least. The love & support that she receives blows me away every single time. I truly don’t know how we got so lucky to be surrounded by SO MANY loved ones that accept Kara for who she is. This girl has touched the lives of many & is part of a great movement that will change the world.

So, what do you think? #MoreAlikeThanDifferent? I think so.

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Magdalena’s Venue & Salon (Check them out on Instagram @magdalenasvenue)

{entertainment & decor}

Bubble Machine

Carousel Horse Balloons

Carousel Themed Notebook


Birthday Cake by @chefkayhall

Cake Topper

Carousel Cupcake Stands

Carousel Cupcake Toppers


Jacob’s Button Up

My Floral Dress

Birthday Girl’s Ensemble (Check them out on Facebook)

Birthday Girl’s Crown

{photo credit}

Leah Lowe (Check her out on Instagram @ellemaeblog)

John Loftus


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