My {15} Month Old With Down Syndrome

This entire month I was wondering where my sweet baby went. Where were the smiles? The giggles? Not even a smirk? Nothing? Okay…

Kara is 15 Months Old and has lots of spunk!

It turns out, girlfriend was hard at work forcing some teeth through the surface.

She currently weighs 17.8 lbs, measures 27.5 in, and has SEVEN teeth (two of which are molars).

Out of the past 15-months, this was one of the most challenging. There weren’t many days that went smoothly or easily (you know, the ones where you at least don’t want to rip your hair out).

Let’s review some of the recent antics…

{1} Well, there was the day that we took the dog for a walk and she let me get halfway across the neighborhood before she started wailing in front of the neighbors. The best thing I could do was turn the stroller around and start making the trek home. I ended up parking in the middle of the sidewalk so I could calm her down. Once I put her to my shoulder, there was no letting her go so I packed Roo into her spot and listened to the snotty hiccups in my ear all the way home.

{2} Oh, there was the night that she scream-pooped herself for 30 minutes because daddy put her to bed and she missed him. Yes, I said scream-pooped. She scream so hard that she pooped herself. That was a memorable night.

{3} Then there was swim day in group therapy. I had forgotten my suit so I handed Kara over to her PT. Kara made it very well known that she wasn’t happy. At. All. There’s nothing like your baby’s throaty protests echoing off the sides of the pool and watching while the other moms are trying to smile and move on. Sorrrrry.

{4} One morning I was greeted with a deep scowl across her forehead. It set the theme for the whole day. I literally thought she was going to break her high-chair because she didn’t want to eat her peaches for breakfast. It was either going to be the chair or her skull, but she’s so hard-headed that I knew it was no contest. Those peaches never stood a chance…

{5} She’s almost too smart for her own good. My mom was coming over one evening so I could get some work done. Kara & I were sitting on the floor working on some OT. As soon as Grams walked in the door, Kara took one look her, turned her bottom lip inside-out and dramatically threw herself onto my lap, letting her tears soak my sweatpants. She refused to remove her head from in-between my knees knowing that the second she did, I was going to leave. It didn’t stop until she cried herself to sleep.

{6} And my personal favorite…the day that she ingested praying mantis eggs. I needed to finish up a project in the garage and it was nice out so I opened up the door and had her strapped safely in her stroller. I was plugging away until I noticed her munching on something. Confused, I investigated and saw what looks like little yellow rice on her tongue. I scrape them off and start searching for the source. In the meantime, Kara is pretty mad that I removed her tasty snack and was signing for “more” while tears streamed down her face. As searched her stroller high & low, I found two things: a partially demolished egg sac attached to one of her stroller toys & an adult praying mantis nearby. Nausea rose up from the pit of my stomach. I ripped her from her stroller belt, dashed inside, and hollered for Jacob to come in while simultaneously texting her pediatrician. Turns out, I was the only one we needed to worry about because as soon I heard that she wasn’t in any danger, I started sobbing and dry heaved for the next 10 minutes.

sigh This little girl might be the death of me.

It is {very} hard to resist her infamous pouty lip.The infamous pouty lip

The biggest reason for the fussiness is CHANGE.

Her little body is growing.

She is teething like crazy.

Jacob has been out of town.

I have been working more.

I just keep reminding myself that this is just another season and it will eventually come to an end.

This too shall pass.

Even on the roughest of days, she can still make my heart flutter. I know that my feisty little girl will grow into a vivacious woman someday & that every second I spend with her is not something to be taken for granted. I kissed many wet eyes and snotty noses this month, but I wouldn’t trade being her mom for anything.

The hard times are here for a reason. I have learned to laugh off most everything (or at least try to). I have learned to roll with the punches. I have learned to not give a shit when I’m about to lose my shit.

Here’s to #momlife & hoping that an angel will surface in month 16.

While I’m impatiently waiting for that to happen, here’s a reminder that she CAN smile!


6 thoughts on “My {15} Month Old With Down Syndrome

  1. Ah, Mama. Being in pain is no fun, and being her age is just so hard. She knows what she wants, she can sometimes get it (mantis eggs), and there are so many No’s. Welcome to what may be the beginning of the 2’s. We were lucky and our 2’s were so easy. We got the Terrible 3. But some are early ones, and start it early. I’d suggest some baby tylenol for terribly bad tooth days, perhaps some soothing cold slushes, or smoothies, or cold teethers, and a lot of empathy, because it’s hard to be her age. It does get a little easier once they walk in the sense they can get to toys they want, but it also gets harder, because suddenly they want into everything. They get frustrated by the No’s, and for the it seems like it’s No to everything. No pulling the dog’s hair, No getting into the kitchen cabinet, No standing on the back of the couch and jumping off, No emptying all their drawers out, No climbing their dresser, just No to all the fun stuff. Hang in there, it will get better. Wear her out with play dates, and swimming so she will take long naps, and you can get things done. You are doing a great job.


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