Send Me Your Questions ~ Down Syndrome Awareness Month

You may or may not know that {OCTOBER} is Down syndrome awareness month. Over the past year and half, I have found that my very first thoughts on Down syndrome were pretty far off.

I recognize that most people are unaware of what it really means for someone to have Down syndrome and so its become a sort of mission for me to educate those who are willing to learn a little something about my daughter and our lifestyle. 

How else will you see past her diagnosis? 

I also recognize that in order to see real change, I must be loving, tolerant, and transparent. This life is beautiful, but it has its challenges.

For the month of October I encourage you to send me your questions. Ask me whatever you’d like:

Do I regret having a prenatal test done? Why did I have one done?

What were the biggest challenges when telling our family?

When did Kara start sleeping through the night?

Does Kara  have “typically developing” friends?

Am I scared to have more kids? 

I am an open book.

Message me your questions – your name will remain anonymous when I answer them on the blog.

Click HERE to contact me directly.

nelson mandella

*There are no stupid questions – but there are hurtful ones. If you have something hateful to say, know that I won’t waste one second banning you and your questions/comments will be ignored. Otherwise, I plan to respond to each and every question that I am sent. 



3 thoughts on “Send Me Your Questions ~ Down Syndrome Awareness Month

  1. She is absolutely lovely. I wondered what fears you had, if any, when you first found out and how youve handled them? Also how varied are the milestone trackers for babies with DS?
    And have you had to teach your family about DS as your little girl grows? Is that challenging?


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