My {14} Month Old With Down Syndrome

14-Months! I’m to the point where its getting hard to remember exactly how old she is. Is she 13-months going on 14? Or is she 14-months already? Whatever, she’s one year old.

My 14-Month Old with Down syndrome

This girl is so much fun & is changing so fast!

She currently weighs 17lbs 10oz, measures 27.5 inches long & has 3 teeth!

Girlfriend has lots of “party tricks” these days… waving hi, giving high-fives, pointing to her belly on command, and inching across the floor like a little caterpillar. We are working on holding up one finger, nodding yes and wiggling our toes on command. Look for those tricks next month 😉

We have done lots of laughing & smiling this past month. As the weather fades into fall it seems like everything is enhanced. Mornings are cuddlier. Meal time is messier. Bath time is splashier. Mom is funnier. Tickle spots are ticklier.


In honor of the smiles, here are some FUN facts about our baby girl:
♦ Sometimes her eyes smile before her mouth does.
♦ She looks good in any color of the rainbow.
♦ Her all-time favorite person is her daddy.
♦ She is considered an “observer” as opposed to a “mover” in the eyes of her therapists.
♦ If you took her hands away, she’d be perfectly fine using her feet for the rest of her life.
♦ Her hairstyles are either one extreme or the other resembling that of Pebbles or Donald Trump.
♦ Her favorite meal is scrambled eggs & avocado with a little coconut oil and oregano.
♦ She makes the cutest, squeakiest little sound every time she poops.
♦ She can usually make it through the day in a single outfit. 

Kara was recently evaluated by her teams & seems to be doing very well. Not like it’s a news flash, but she is pretty delayed in her gross motor skills (crawling, standing) and her speech skills (babbling, speaking words).

That’s OKAY because her fine motor skills are fantastic (pointing, using the pincer grasp) and her language skills are right on target for a developing 14-month old (understanding and communicating, using sign language, etc.)

It is important for me, as a parent, to focus on what she excels at.

She is unique.

Not all babies develop this way. Not all babies with Down syndrome develop this way. She is so good at so many things and the stuff she’s not so good at? Well, she will get there in her own time and we will be here to help her every step of the way.

Next week she will undergo her first “surgery”. I say surgery lightly because it is for putting tubes in her ears so it’s a quick & minor procedure. She will be put under a general anesthesia and the whole process takes about 15-minutes. We will go home the same day and she should be back to her old self after a giant nap. Regardless, it is still surgery and my mama heart is a little nervous.

On the flip side, I’m also very excited for her to hear clearly. The tubes will drain fluid that is found behind her eardrums. Right now, its like she’s hearing underwater which may explain why her speech is so delayed. I am ready to hear more of her cute little voice! Fingers crossed for us please!



4 thoughts on “My {14} Month Old With Down Syndrome

  1. You will be so glad you did the ear tubes. We wished we’d done them sooner for our girl than we did, but we didn’t know better at the time. One word of caution: Expect her to get a headache (maybe more than one) after the surgery. You will want some baby tylenol on hand. Also, remember that her ears won’t be used to the noise level. Your speaking voice may sound like shouting to her, and anything loud (vacuum, blender, door slamming) will be excruciating at first. For our girl (who was 5 at the time), it was much better after about a week. So keep things more quiet at home for the first week or so, and understand if she’s fussy. She’s beautiful, and so smart. Oh, and I’m sure you know the ear tubes may end up helping her balance as well.


  2. The tubes can do a lot of good. My son had tubes put in at a year old for the fluid issue too. He did have a speech delay which I think may be partially a result of the fluid build up. He’s now 6 and his speech is so much better, especially his pronunciations


  3. I love this little one, thank you for sharing her! Cedar is pretty delayed in the gross motor category too, he has lots of expressive language but could care less about mobility, crawling, scooting, etc. Thanks for sharing on the T21 bloghop!


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