My {16} Month Old with Down Syndrome

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SIXTEEN months have came & went. SIXTEEN months of chaos & confusion. SIXTEEN months of love and snuggles.

My 16 Month Old with Down Syndrome

This girl is 17 lbs 13 oz. & 27.5 in. She also has 10 teeth!

I’m not going to lie, the last month & a half with this little one hasn’t been easy, but the clouds are finally starting to part. With molars emerging and GI issues running the show the past 6 weeks or so, Kara stopped everything… She stopped babbling. She stopped crawling. She stopped weight bearing. And she damn near stopped smiling.

Not fun.

This past month we’ve really turned a corner! I have my baby girl back!

She’s back with alllll her smiles, sass, spunk, & silliness. 

Her favorite snacks are bananas & prunes.

One afternoon I plopped her in her chair and started peeling a banana for her. Her eyes got HUGE and her smile got WIDE. She literally laughed out loud when I put it front of her! She gets the same way with prunes & gets hopping mad when we’re out!

She’s obsessed with fish.

This girl kills me. Ever since she picked up on the sign for “fish” its all I ever get. I get multiple requests a day to sing the fish song. In fact, I was putting her to bed one night & was talking out loud, “What should we sing tonight…?” I look down at the doe-eyed girl sitting on my lap, rubbing her hands together (her version of fish). How could I resist?! I turned the lights out and calmly sang it to her.

All the fish are swimming in the water

swimming in the water

swimming in the water

All the fish are swimming in the water

bubble… bubble… bubble…


She can (& will) mimic ANYTHING.

Kara is smart. Like, I know I’m the most biased person in the world when it comes to her, but I’m telling you – this kid catches on to everything & she does it FAST. One of our favorite bedtime stories is Five Little Monkeysbecause we get to practice counting and throughout the book, she will jab her little pointer finger at the monkeys as I shout “NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!” Seriously the cutest thing ever.

She has said “mama” a few times.

This girl is attached to my hip. We do everything together & I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here recently, I kept her up past her bedtime to help me fold the laundry. Her main job was to take the clean clothes out the basket and throw them on the floor so I could fold them and put them into piles. She was also my official “sock keeper” so at the end, I matched them and handed them back, telling her to “put them in” & she toss every pair back into the basket for me.

Her stacking skills are emerging. 

I have noticed a great difference in her focus lately. She will get very determined to complete a goal. For example, while eating scrambled eggs one morning, I looked over to see her concentrating on her Honeybear. She was trying to balance eggs on the lid and every time they’d fall off, she pick them right back up. The best part was when she did it! This picture was right after she got them to stay and she literally sat back and smiled proudly.

Showing off her balancing and stacking skills

She loves to dance, dance, dance. 

Whether its the sounds of Moana or Lady Gaga filling our home, there is usually some sort of music & we are almost always dancing to it. Music is a huge motivator for Kara (you’d think that if I was meant for this life, I would have been blessed with more grace or a better singing voice.) Since she mimics everything it’s fun to try out new dance moves! What I love most is that she’ll find a beat in anything. A couple of months ago, there was a construction crew working on a house across the street. The sound of them hammering nails was enough for Kara to bob with rhythm & it reminds me that you don’t need music to dance.

Our Baby Lemonade continues to spread smiles & optimism as she grows (just keep her away from Santa). I wouldn’t trade one second with her for the entire world.

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