Meet The Rest Of The Family ~ Buckaroo & Pete

If you know us at all, you know how crazy we are about our pups. They were our babies before we even had a baby. I get asked all the time about how they are with Kara so I thought it was time to introduce the rest of the family…


Breed: Long Haired Dachshund

Age: 5 1/2 Years

Nicknames: Ole Blue Eye, Weasel, Roober, Roo, or really anything that ends with “oo”Pet or Play?  Pet! This boy loves to cuddle and will choose your arms over a ball any day. 

Favorite Hobby: Napping, which goes hand in hand with his snuggling skills.

Favorite Toy: A red pig with yellow spots that oinks when squeezed.

Best Friend: Tyler, a Catahoula mix who belongs to Kara’s Auntie.

Fun Fact: Roo gets a haircut about three times during the middle of the year. His long, thick locks make him very uncomfortable in Kansas’ summer heat so we have to shave him. It takes almost an hour to buzz this pup, but his ‘do makes him look half the size and he is bursting with energy afterwards! 

Roo is usually the crowd’s favorite. He is the softest and gentlest creature you can imagine. He loves everything and everyone and will give warm, wet, kisses. He’s calm and controlled and very very stubborn. You will usually find him making a bed out of something soft if its within his reach.

Buckaroo seems to be very interested in Kara’s well-being. He is always on guard when she starts to fuss. There was a instance during the first week of her life where she started crying in her bassinet. Out of instinct, I raced across the room and I had to laugh when I found myself tripping over Roo! He actually beat me to her! He spent many nights peering over into her bed when she slept right next to us. Now that she’s in her own bed, its the first thing he checks in the morning. He makes a very good guardian for his little sister. He doesn’t let Kara out of his sight. He checks on her frequently and if you’re holding her, he will double check to make sure you’re keeping her safe!



Breed: English Setter

Age: Almost 2 Years

NicknamesPetey, Petey Pie, Sweetie Petey, Peteopotamus, or Peter (if he’s in trouble)

Pet or Play? PLAY! Show him a toy and he’ll be your BFF.

Favorite Hobby: Bird hunting

Favorite Toy: Your everyday, run-of-the-mill, tennis ball

Best Friend: Blair, a Vizsla who belongs to Kara’s Uncle J.

Fun Fact: Pete was named after a small, older, poodle mix that Jacob and I met in Branson, MO when we first started dating. He was the shop dog of a bait shop near the river. He wore an American flag sweater and was super sweet. It became an inside joke between us to blame things on “Poodle Pete” when something went wrong.

Pete is extremely lovable. He has many funny quirks and makes life quite entertaining. Give him a tennis ball and he will occupy himself for hours at a time. Pete is a bird dog so he is high energy. We take him out to run and train often. He is very obedient and too smart for his own good. I have never seen a happier or more sensitive pup.

Pete is usually very calm around Kara, which was surprising to us. He will occasionally check on her by sniffing her head and every once in a while he’ll sneak in a kiss 🙂 Other than that, he doesn’t show much interest yet. I have witnessed him trying to play with her several times. One night, she was laying on her play mat on the floor and he brought his ball over to her, laid it down on the ground, and used his nose to nudge it in her direction. When she didn’t respond, he picked it back up and walked away. This tells me that they will be best pals when she gets a little older.

Dogs are very smart and they know when something is up. From the time I was about 6 weeks pregnant, Roo sensed that something was changing. He became increasingly clingy and cuddly. The second I sat down, he would appear out of nowhere and curl up in my lap. I couldn’t turn the corner without him being under my feet. It wasn’t until around the second trimester that Pete caught on. He started to hang around me more and I could tell he was curious why my belly was growing.

When we brought Kara home, the first thing we did was introduce her to her brothers! Buckaroo was beyond excited to see his new little sister! His backside was reeling from side to side! This is what we were expecting of Pete too, but he seemed surprisingly uninterested. Our energetic and silly puppy had matured very suddenly over the course of five days. He checked her out, gave her a good sniff, and then went to find his spot on the couch. These dogs were so used to being the center of attention, I thought we’d have more of a struggle on our hands, but they did very well. Everything just fell into place.

I ended up only having one worry and that was my feeling towards my pups. For the first two weeks, nothing mattered but Kara.

I didn’t see anything else.

I didn’t love anything else.

Those feelings were some of many that I had feared in the past whenever the topic of kids came up. It was Grandma Joyce’s wise words that put me at ease. “Don’t worry,” she said, “everything will balance out in the end.” And you know what? She was right. I love my pups more than ever.

Kara is pretty indifferent to them right now. It’s funny how she will jump at the sound of a light switch, but when the dogs go wild at the doorbell ringing, she doesn’t even flinch! She must have gotten accustomed to their sounds in the womb.

It makes me happy to know that these guys will grow up as the best of friends and to know that Kara will live her life as an animal lover. Pete and Buckaroo will be as important to her as they are to us. What would we do without our adorable and hilarious pups?! They truly complete our family ❤

3 thoughts on “Meet The Rest Of The Family ~ Buckaroo & Pete

  1. i love these 2 great grand puppys,i love petes vitality and roos fur is the softest ever but mostly i have seen for myself how good they are with kara but it is said dogs tend to be a lot like their owners,i have to say amber and jake you brought your puppys up well.


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