The Things That I Have

Lately, I’ve had many reminders of the things that I have. Like my overflowing laundry room or the fact that my home office is also Jacob’s uniform room and we store the vacuum cleaner next to my file cabinets.

We have bottles and bibs squeezed into what space is left in the kitchen cabinets. I scooch past the dusty tables, bulky boxes, and the bulging tubs in our storage area to get to our Christmas decor….

….I am also reminded of what I have when my husband comes home safe and sound after a SWAT call out. His pager alarms in the middle of the night and he disappears for almost ten hours while he and the team handle a dangerous barricaded subject. When he finally walks in the door, his eyes are weary and his body is sore, but his face lights up when he sees his family.

….I am reminded when I lean into my daughter’s crib in the morning. With the sunrise peeking through the blinds, I breathe in her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes and her perfectly mismatching ears. I can’t help but smile. (I am especially reminded when she gives me the same reaction.) She is smart and sassy and healthy.

….I am reminded when my mom calls me on my birthday to tell me that she loves me. Or when she texts me her work schedule so I know exactly when I’ll have a babysitter should the need arise.

….I am reminded when I call up my dad on a weekday morning and say “hey I need to catch up on some hours for work, can you come by?” I don’t know if he has plans, but regardless, he is there to entertain the baby while I work.

….I am reminded when people fight over who gets to hold my child next. When they call each other “baby hogs” and feel like the time they’ve had with her isn’t near enough.

….I am reminded when I walk into my work’s office building downtown and am greeted with smiles. I don’t make it more than five feet at a time before engaging in warm conversation.

….I am reminded when I get a random card in the mail from my best friend.

….I am reminded when I get crazy, snapchat-filtered pictures of my friends and their kids.

….I am reminded at birthday parties


                                                        baby showers

                                                                 wine nights

….I am reminded at the best of times in my life and at the worst times too.

The things in my house do not make me happy. The people in my heart do. I am one lucky girl and am feeling especially thankful this season. I hope your holidays are something worth smiling about.

Merry Christmas ❤

~From Baby Lemonade Blog


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