Farewell, Two Thousand & Sixteen

I have my daily struggles.

I hate as much as I love.

I am as bad as I am good.

But if you have followed this blog even a little bit, you should know that I try my very hardest to be the best person that I can be. I try to recognize the silver lining and keep facing forward at all times.

In some of my posts, you might have noticed a slight change of tone halfway through. That’s because I try not to finish a post unless I’m in a good mood. That way I feel like I can share real emotions with a little perspective.

My hope is that these thoughts that I jot down will reach someone who is needing to hear them. I hope to bring acceptance alongside awareness and show that having a child with Down syndrome is no scarier than having a child in general. I hope that someday Kara will come across these experiences of mine and will see what JOY she has brought me.

As we wrap up the year, this is what I know:

This year has set the bar high. In my mind, 2016 is Kara. Never again will I be confused when feeling a tiny flutter in my belly at 19 weeks pregnant. Never again will I hold my firstborn for the first time. Never again will I question if I can handle a child with special needs. My life is so vastly different from what it was a year ago. It’s hard to remember how things used to be. Maybe that’s why I don’t miss it. I wouldn’t change one minute of 2016 because as we say goodbye, I realize that my life has never been more bright.

Jacob put it best last August when we were driving home from the hospital with our brand new, three-day old baby girl…“Who would have guessed 14 years ago that we’d be here today…” 

I see grand things in our future. ❤  Cheers to next year being better than the last!

Have a super happy

warm & cozy

safe & memorable

New Year!

~Baby Lemonade Blog


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