Hello, Two Thousand & Seventeen

When I think of the New Year, I think:

<<.fresh.start.>> <<.open.doors.>> <<.clean.slate.>>

It is the time to reflect on what you have and who you want to be. I want to share my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 and I encourage you to think of some yourself. The possibilities are endless!

My NY Resolutions:

1. Reconnect to Reality- For the past five months I have been living in Mommy La La Land and its been wonderful. I wake up with my baby girl. I spend the day with her. She’s the last thing I see before I go to sleep and then she’s in my dreams. Most of my conversations begin and/or end with talk of babies. My world revolves around Kara.

I won’t apologize. I am a stay-at-home-mom with a part time job on the side. My life IS Kara. However, its time to return to the real world. I plan to connect more with others. I want to hear how my friends and family are doing. I want to know where they’re going, what they’re watching, what’s on their mind. I will be attentive and focused, letting my mind take a break from mom life. 

2. Rediscover Myself-  I am a fun person.    I love to read & write.      I like to craft & scrapbook.     I like beer & wine.      I like to try new restaurants & go out dancing.           I like yoga.        I love to travel.

In 2016, that part of me took a hiatus while I was adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. Continuing my pre-mom hobbies in 2017 is important to me.

  • For example, I share an awful lot on this blog, but I also have a very private side. I spend most of my time writing here because I truly enjoy it; however, I plan to start a bullet journal to keep by my bedside. Old fashioned pen and paper. For me. No one else.
  • I plan to bust out the ol’ hot glue gun and fire up Pinterest. I have so many crafty projects that have been piling up in my head and I want to see them come to life. I used to do this weekly, but haven’t touched a canvas or a can of chalk paint in months.
  • I plan to read. I’m not talking about Green Eggs & Ham or Mother Goose. I’m talking real adult books with complex story lines and pages made of paper.
  • I plan to take time every day to be mindful of and thankful for my body. Whether its by lifting weights at the gym, practicing yoga in my living room, or just taking a few moments of peaceful meditation before bedtime.

Maybe my interests have completely evolved by now and that’s okay. This resolution is about figuring that out and making time for myself. I’m sure this is easier said than done, but I will at least make the effort and not forget about ME.

3. Be Present- Let me paint you a picture:

I’ve been awake for a while. I finish pumping and only have time to drop the bottles on the counter top before tending to my fussy baby. It’s hard to keep my eyes open and I can tell that she’s tired too. After I put her to my shoulder, it doesn’t take long before her breath becomes slow and rhythmic. Her eyes close peacefully. I steps towards her room to lay her down. I have things to do. There are both baby and adult dishes filling up the sink. The floors desperately need attention. A basket full of clean (and now wrinkled) laundry sits in the middle of the floor, untouched. As I lean down to place her softly in her crib, I pause. I stand back up. I coil my arms around her and soak in the moment. I retrace my steps, sink into our cushy recliner, kick back, close my eyes, and curl up with my baby girl.

The house will remain in the same state, but tomorrow my baby will be one day older. I am going to try and forget about tomorrow. Today is happening right now and I don’t want to miss a second of my soft, warm, squishy girl.

It’s already been a challenge to remember these goals after a week into the new year, but I do take them seriously. I’d really like to hear other resolutions so please share yours in the comments! Bring on the new year! 



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