Eggs & Oregano ~ Breakfast for Mommy & Me

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I’ve mentioned before how much I love my tiny breakfast date.

I’ve also mentioned how much my tiny date loves her breakfast!

Kara cheesy smile, my tiny breakfast date

Many times, Down syndrome is accompanied by low muscle tone.  For someone with low tone, it can be difficult to do the same things that we take for granted. Low muscle tone means reduced stamina and muscle weakness so maintaining good posture, using hands to self-feed, chewing food, even passing bowel movements can be more difficult.

Kara in her highchair, ready for grub
Enter {COCONUT OIL}. Coconut oil is good for SO many things & digestion is one of them! At one point, Kara was experiencing some tummy problems, but two days after I introduced coconut oil, we saw a huge improvement and never looked back!

The trick is to introduce it slowly. If you put too much into your body at one time, you might feel pretty crummy. The common recommendation for an adult is to max out at 2-3 tablespoons per day.

For that reason, I add a very small amount to Kara’s breakfasts.

Kara in her highchair with a fork full of food and a big yellow bow in her hair

When making meals for Kara, I try to incorporate different textures, colors and tastes. Adding these things helps to wake up the sensory system and encourages Kara to stuff her face like she does so often 🙂 I also like to make enough so I’m able to sit down and enjoy it with her. Mealtime isn’t just for eating, it also builds social skills!

With that being said, this is why I make this meal for Kara & myself each and every morning. It is her absolute favorite. I can tell by the way she uses the sign for “more” before I even set her bowl down.

what you'l need: bread, oregano, coconut oil, 3 eggs and 1 avocado




Hungry Baby



1 avocado

3 eggs

coconut oil cooking spray 

coconut oil


2 slices of your favorite bread

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


STEP 1 ::: coat skillet with coconut oil spray & warm on medium. Meanwhile, cut avocado in half. (I diced one side for her and slice the other for me.)

STEP 2 ::: once oil turns clear, add eggs & scramble. Put bread in toaster now so it will pop up at about the same time the eggs are done.

STEP 3 ::: remove eggs from heat & let cool.

STEP 4 ::: add a dime size amount of coconut oil to baby’s bowl and mama’s toast. Spread on toast.

STEP 5 ::: add eggs into baby’s bowl and mama’s plate. Stir bowl to melt oil.

STEP 6 ::: add avocado to baby’s bowl and mama’s plate. Cover entire dish with oregano.

STEP 7 ::: check temperature, serve & enjoy!


I like to spread the avocado on my toast and sprinkle it with this nutritional yeast. I’ll sometimes add it to Kara’s meal as well. I would never have started this if it wasn’t for my friend’s post on avocado toast at

Check out their site ’cause you won’t regret it – I’ve never seen more beautiful food in my life!


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